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2019 Goals


The purpose of the North Iowa Race Series is to promote running to the local North Iowa community and develop friendship and community involvement by assisting with the development and turnout of local races in the North Iowa area. The Running Series is developed in order to provide a season long-running program for everyone to participate in – distance runners, 5k runners, walkers, and the next generation of runners, our kids. The series promoted a healthier lifestyle, one event at a time.


The top 3 female and top 3 male finishers at end of series will win cash prizes. Earn points with each race finish.

Level the Playing Field

Times are age-adjusted using Earn additional points by placing in top 10 age-adjusted times (WAVA tables). There are two forms of Age Grading that are used. The first corrects an athlete's performance (time, height or distance) to what it would have been in their prime years, regardless of the athlete's current age. This effectively levels the playing field for all athletes. The other form of Age Grading provides the athlete with a percentage value of the world record for their sex. The percentage can be used over a number of years to compare an athlete's performance. The percentage can also be used for comparing men and women equally.

Minimum Number of Races

Runners must complete a minimum of four (4) three (3) series races to be eligible for cash prizes. The reason the change from four to three races is due to the cancellation of the Earth Days 5K.

IAHSAA Handbook 27 Sec. 36.14(3)

Awards for winners under 18 will have to have a waiver signed by their parent or guardian stating that that they understand IAHSAA Handbook 27 Sec. 36.14(3) d., which prohibits cash prizes for students if they want to remain their eligibility requirements.

Students need to check with their athletic director as to the local school district’s board of education policy as it pertains to non-school participation if the cash prize, it would make them ineligible

36.14(3) Awards.

a. Awards from a secondary school or registered organization. A student will be permitted to receive from the student’s school, another secondary school, a registered organization, or the host of an event sanctioned by a -2017-2018 HANDBOOK 26- registered organization, for participation in an interscholastic athletic program, an award whose value cannot exceed $50.

b. Awards for participation in school programs from an individual or organization other than a secondary school or registered organization. No student shall receive any award from an individual or outside organization, for high school participation while enrolled in high school, except that nothing in this subrule shall preclude the giving of a complimentary dinner by local individuals, organizations, or groups, with approval of the superintendent, to members of the local high school athletic squad. No student shall accept any trip or excursion of any kind by any individual, organization, or group outside the student’s own school or the governing organization, with the exception of bona fide recruiting trips that meet NCAA requirements. Nothing in this subrule shall preclude or prevent the awarding and the acceptance of an inexpensive, unmounted, unframed paper certificate of recognition as an award, or an inexpensive table favor which is given to everyone attending a banquet.

c. Awards for participation in non-school programs. If a student participates in an outside school activity, the student may receive any award provided that the award does not violate the amateur award rule of the amateur sanctioning body for that sport. In the absence of an applicable amateur award rule, the student may not receive any award the value of which exceeds $50.

d. Absolute prohibition on cash. At no time may any student accept an award of cash.